Our lives are woven with countless stories, yet many of us overlook their significance, especially in business. And while business leaders may recognize the value of their stories, there is often hesitation when it comes to effectively communicating them.

This interactive workshop will equip leaders with the skills to effectively mine for their best personal stories, and then tell them with confidence to increase influence, build trust, and foster positive change.

 In an age characterized by relentless technological advancement, the human touch has emerged as an invaluable asset in effective business communication. This engaging workshop will give leaders the tools to harness this element, and seamlessly incorporate it into their personal communication style.  In this foundational storytelling workshop participants will discover:

• How to master great story structure that encompassing arcs, stakes, and resolutions.
• The effective use of storytelling as a leader, to inspire individuals to take meaningful, positive actions.
• An exploration of diverse story types that prove impactful when communicating either with colleagues, clients, or investors.
• How to confidently deliver your story in an engaging way that sticks
• How to use the powerful tools of recognition and humour to increase human connection in storytelling

Through engaging exercises and personalized guidance, participants will unlock the secrets of effective storytelling, ensuring that your brand resonates with authenticity and engages customers. Whether it's sales pitches, presentations or team meetings, storytelling can help people stand out, connect with their peers, and create a lasting impact.

I recognize that every organization is unique, with its own set of challenges, goals, and values.
Thats why this workshop can be fully customizable, enabling me to align the foundational storytelling skills workshop with the needs and objectives of your organization.

Foundational Storytelling for Business 

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Storytelling evokes emotions and helps people connect with the brand on a deeper level. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and engagement.

People remember stories better than facts and figures. A well-told story is more likely to stick in a customer's mind than a list of statistics or features.

Every business has competitors, but telling a unique and compelling story can set a brand apart from the rest.

Sharing challenges, successes, and values through storytelling humanizes the brand and makes it more relatable.

Stories have the power to inspire people to take action, whether it's making a purchase, or spreading the word about a brand.


Storytelling isn’t just about connecting with others; it’s also a powerful tool for self-discovery. In today’s world, where joyful stories are more crucial than ever, "Foundational Storytelling: The Joy Series", is a 4-week workshop that invites you remember, structure and then share your stories where you've had joy. 

And these stories aren’t one-note. Many journeys twist, turn, and challenge before culminating in joy. From childhood adventures, overcoming adversity, meaningful connections and surprising everyday moments, recalling positive memories profoundly impacts our well-being.

In fact, research from Harvard Medical School shows that intentionally recalling these moments not only unlocks happiness but also boosts self-esteem and resilience. However, we often tend to focus on the negative, so uncovering these stories requires conscious effort.

During this workshop, you’ll delve into hidden, joyful stories from your life experiences. You’ll learn to craft compelling, relatable narratives and learn how to share them confidently.  The final evening will culminate in an in-person storytelling showcase for an invited audience. Why not share some joy?

A dynamic and interactive experience, these foundational, transferable storytelling skills will be covered:

• Mining for your best personal stories
• Effective story structure
• Standing and delivering your story
• Harnessing the power of joy in storytelling

A Workshop For:

Anyone: Capture the joyful moments in your life and learn to share and connect through the art of storytelling
Creatives: Kickstart your solo show, or join the amazing Toronto storytelling circuit.
Entrepreneurs: Craft a foundational, positive story for your brand
Business Leaders: Tell inspirational stories with confidence to foster positive change.

4 Thursdays. May 23 & 30, June 6 & 13:  6pm - 9 pm 
ESG United - The South Studio
35 Lytton Boulevard,
Toronto, ON M4R 1L2   
About a 15 minute walk (or quick bus ride) from Yonge and Eglinton Subway     
Amount: $185+HST

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Foundational Storytelling
The Joy Sessions

Different than our Foundational Storytelling course this workshop still teaches the basic tenants of storytelling but with an even greater focus on team building and fun.

Team building.  We use this term a lot. And when I ask leaders what specifically they want 'built' within their teams, it's usuallly some combination of these things:

Trust, Better Communication, Enhanced Collaboration, A Sense of Shared Purpose, A Supportive Team Culture, Positive Relationships.

If you consider your personal "team" of friendships and relationships— how did you cultivate it? Why do you extend empathy, trust, open communication, and even forgiveness to those you've chosen to surround yourself with?  Usually, it's because you know them. Along the way, you've heard their stories, gaining insights into who they are, finding unique human connections that make them relatable. Relatable to you.   

The intersection of storytelling and team building is profound, and storytelling remains one of the quickest ways to human connection - personally and in business.    Ultimately, effective team building, real team building, contributes to a more cohesive and motivated team, which can lead to increased productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction.

And it starts with a story. 
As an added bonus, team building storytelling workshops focus on the FUN of storytelling - and can be a great way to close out your year before a holiday break.

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Storytelling for tEam Building

 Storytelling is a powerful and meaningful way for us to connect with one another, and in today's world, stories are more important than ever. However,  it can be intimidating to share our personal narratives, causing us to lose touch with our own stories.

Foundational Storytelling On Line is a  6-hour, fun,  foundational storytelling workshop over 3 evenings or afternoons  where you'll learn valuable techniques to mine for the stories hidden within your life experiences - and then learn to craft compelling, relatable, and engaging narratives - and tell them confidently.

This workshop is perfect for you if you want to:

  • For Entrepreneurs: Craft a foundational story for your brand to  differentiate yourself to clients or investors.
  • For Business Leaders:  Tell stories with confidence to inspire action, build trust, and foster positive change.
  • For Creatives: Kickstart your solo show or memoire.
  • For Anyone: Capture the important moments in your life and learn to  share and connect through the art of storytelling

Foundational Storytelling
On Line

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* Based on participant interest an in person storytelling showcase may be booked at the end of the three weeks for an invited audience*

Want to host a Storytelling Soirée? 

Joanne will come to your home or office and bring a Storytelling soiree with her!  Part workshop, part cocktail party, this is Joanne's foundational storytelling workshop but it leans into the fun!

This event brings together your friends and work colleagues to network, forge valuable connections, and learn the power of storytelling. While having a GREAT time getting to know each other better.  Perfect for a holiday gathering. In your home or office!

A dynamic and interactive experience, these foundational storytelling skills will be covered: 
• Mining for your best personal stories (and connecting them to business messaging where appropriate)
• Effective story structure
• Standing and delivering
• Harnessing the power of comedy in storytelling

$85 + HST per guest includes: 
- Appetizers
- Wine and bubbly water
- Full 3 hour storytelling workshop and workbook to take home
* Host is free!

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  • Have a presentation you want to hit out of the ball park?
  • A client you want to impress? 
  • A pitch you need to perfect?
  • A story you need to tell? 

With over 18 years of experience as an executive coach, Joanne has helped businesses and their teams navigate critical conversations, deliver compelling presentations, and build relationships through effective and authentic storytelling. She has created over 20 training programs for clients, including sales, storytelling, and executive-level coaching techniques, and has personally coached over 800 clients. 

One-on-One Coaching

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Storytelling in Education

A fun, interactive and immersive 3-hour storytelling workshop for youth!

Young people have an innate love of stories, and this workshop builds on that connection and empowers them to share and connect through the art of storytelling. Through engaging exercises and personalized guidance, they will learn:

• How to mine their lives for their best personal stories
• The difference between a story and an anecdote
• Foundational story structure that can be transferred into any kind of fictional or non-fictional storytelling.
• A simple technique for using stories to reinforce messaging when giving school presentations
• How to inject humour into storytelling
• Gain confidence in public speaking

Along with the educational benefits of mastering storytelling, the opportunity to hear stories from their peers  has many social benefits. This immersive experience has been shown to:

• Encourage empathy as youth hear the challenges and perspectives of their peers.
• Promotes a sense of belonging as commonalties are discovered.
• Provide examples of how others have overcome difficulties, fostering problem-solving skills and resilience.
• Offer inspiration by showcasing the successes of peers, motivating youth to pursue their own goals.
• Foster an appreciation for different cultures, traditions, and backgrounds

This work shop can be customized to accommodate grades:
3-6, 7-8 or High School

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"The book and follow-up are a godsend. Awesome Class! Thanks, Joanne"

"Joanne's workshop helped me take an idea I've had for years and turn it into something tangible."


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"Very much enjoyed the class. I learned 10X as much in 4 hours than I have in 6 months of online research."

" I would have paid a lot more for what was taught!"

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"Joanne's class was great. Very informal and informative."

"Joanne Showed me the information I didn't know I needed to know!

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