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She Grew Funny is Joanne O'Sullivan's 3rd solo show. It debuted to sold-out crowds at the Toronto Fringe, where it earned the distinction of being Patron's Pick and one of Now Magazine's Outstanding New Plays. 

It tells the touching, funny, and true story of Joanne’s life changed the year her daughter turned six, the same age that she was when her own mother died.  A pivotal moment that sent her on a journey to answer the question she had encountered since childhood,  “What happens to someone when they lose their mother so young?

 Through an hour of beautifully crafted and often hilarious storytelling, O'Sullivan recounts how this search led her to discover some of her personality “quirks" born from this early loss, and her ensuing race against time to fix them before passing them on to her daughter.

It’s a relatable story of parenthood, loss and healing – while delving into the universal question of how childhood losses shape us further down the line.

She Grew Funny

She Grew Funny is Joanne's award winning, hour-long solo show available for touring and events.

She Grew Funny is a 55-minute, portable, tour-ready and technically simple solo show. Joanne tours alone, only requiring a mic and stage. There's one (optional) music cue at the beginning and lights up and lights down cues that bookend the show.

Technical Specs 

Joanne also tours with ab optional 2-hour storytelling workshop that presenters and theatres can offer as a companion piece to the show. 

Workshops are dynamic and interactive experiences, where participants learn foundational storytelling skills like:
• Mining for your best personal stories 
• Mastering great story structure with arcs, stakes, and resolutions
• Exploring different types of stories to use in business
• Harnessing the power of comedy in storytelling
• Understanding the impact of recognition and human connection 

Companion Storytelling Workshop

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