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The Happy Funny Amazing Podcast celebrates the power of stories.  

Fun, personal, and always surprising, each episode of Happy Funny Amazing brings together an eclectic group of guests to tell host Joanne their happiest, funniest, and most amazing true stories!

Come listen as people get lost in the wild, connect with strangers, meet their idols and deal with hauntings.

It's a roller coaster of crazy experiences, lucky opportunities and hysterical surprises, aimed at connecting us all through the age-old tradition of storytelling.​

Happy Funny Amazing:
A Podcast of True Stories




Graham Green Dances with Wolves, Colin Mochrie: Whose Line is it Anyway, Allana Harkin, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee,
Jennifer Whalen: Baroness Von Sketch Show, Sean Cullen: The Willoughbys, Corky and the Juice Pigs, Michael Landsberg, Off the Record, Sick not Weak
Barry O’Sullivan – Joanne’s Dad! Whose episode is the most downloaded episode ever.  You have to listen to find out why!

Guests include:


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Corporate Events: 

Want a unique keepsake of your event? A Happy Funny Amazing Live podcast episode can be a way to capture your event forever. Just like recording a wedding, Joanne can record stories from your guests in real-time as the event is happening, creating a unique and personalized record of the occasion. This can be a valuable way to capture the memories and experiences of your guests, and create a lasting keepsake.

Retirement Parties

Private Events:

Launching your new season or promoting a specific show? Want to get the word out about your next production? Bring Happy Funny Amazing to your venue and invite your artists on the podcast live in front of an audience to tell their Happiest Funniest and most Amazing true stories! Then use your very own Happy Funny Amazing Episode to spread the word through all your social media channels to your audience! 

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Theatres! Launching a season? Promoting an opening? 

*Pulga Muchochoma, Ijeoma Emesowum, and Ron Kennell
Happy Funny Amazing Live @ The Stratford Festival